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Safe2Say® will enhance your organisation’s culture, reputation and employee well-being by providing a trusted, independent and anonymous Integrity Reporting Whistleblowing Platform (IRP). Developed by Crime Stoppers WA.

Safe2Say® allows your employees to anonymously report workplace misconduct or inappropriate behaviour with 100% confidence.

Key Benefits of Safe2Say

To enhance your organisation’s culture, reputation and employee well-being by providing a safe, external, trusted platform to report misconduct or inappropriate behaviour.

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Why you should provide an anonymous IRP


Confidentiality is not the same as or as strong as anonymity.

Risk Management

Integrity risks are identified, owned, managed and mitigated.


An IRP provides leadership transparency, builds employee trust and mitigates against the “ethical blindness” or bystander effect.


Over 60% of staff do not trust internal reporting systems. A trusted and independent platform can complement a current system.


Staff are the eyes, ears and often the first to identify malpractice. However, great courage is needed for someone to speak up.


An IRP is critical in assisting with the difficulty of prevention of misconduct across all organisations.


Staff enhance governance standards by providing a critical early warning system leading to early detection.

Cost Effective

An IRP is a cost-effective way to receive information and track trends.

Why use Safe2Say?

It takes a great deal of courage for people to pass the information they may have regarding misconduct or inappropriate behaviour to an organisation. While many people want to provide the information, they are reluctant to do so.

Research shows that employees:

*‘The drivers in the use of online whistle-blowing reporting systems’ conducted by Lowry, Moody, Galetta and Vance (2013)

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.

– Oscar Wilde

Developed by Crime Stoppers WA

Crime Stoppers WA has been a leader in the anonymous reporting business for nearly 30 years. We are an independent, not-for-profit community organisation and registered charity which means that any profits we make are returned to the community we service.

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