About us

We were approached by a number of organisations looking for a secure platform for employees to be able to safely and anonymously disclose workplace misconduct and inappropriate behaviour.

There was no reason why the technology behind Crime Stoppers WA’s trusted, anonymous reporting platform, where the community shares information about criminal activity or suspicious behaviour, couldn’t be tailored for other organisations.

Updated legislation also required organisations to meet the Australian Standard Whistleblowing Protection Programs for Entities by providing anonymous reporting options for employees. 

Damning media stories exposed the toxic culture in some industries and the urgent need for staff or contractors to be able to speak up without fear of reprisal from an organisation or individual.  Hence Safe2Say emerged as a major player in the market.

Safe2Say offers organisations the ability to receive reports directly and introduces an anonymous, encrypted 2-way chat function. This feature positions Safe2Say as a unique and cost-effective platform, fostering an environment for organisations to enhance their workplace culture.

The secret of our success mirrors research that found online platforms providing the protection of anonymity are more likely to be trusted and used if they are independent from the organisation to which the information is intended. The research also shows that the user must have confidence in the policies and procedures of the organisation providing the anonymity and confidence that the anonymity will be respected. 

Our strategic focus is to harness technology to develop innovative crime reporting and reduction services.  Combined with the trust associated with our brand, Safe2Say helps create positive change in the workplace.